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Oracle Card Readings

Q: So, what are Oracle cards? 

A: Oracle cards are a tool used to communicate messages across. These messages are a reflection of the question you will ask the oracle. Using interpretation and intuition, these cards are an amazing to for utilising guidance and receiving clarity on how to better your life. They are particularly useful in creating spurges of creativity and confidence.

Q: How are your readings different to others?

A: I like to think of my readings as very action based. Having trained at Oracle Card Academy, I developed a speciality in helping others use spiritual practices and exercises to ensure that action and intention are in place after the reading. I have many resources & exercises I am always happy to share and recommend.

It’s so easy to have a wonderful reading them completely forget about the guidance the next day! For me, a successful reading is one where a commitment has been made to change a pattern that is limiting. Alignment is so rewarding.

Spirituality Blog

As well as performing card readings, I’m also passionate about writing. I find writing is an amazing creative outlet, it helps me to release any stagnant energy, express my emotions, share my knowledge and experiences, I just love it!

I like to make ‘tips’ and ‘advice’ based articles so you guys can hopefully learn something that will benefit you!

My intention is to make sure that everyone else has the knowledge that I have because we could all do with guidance and reassurance at some points in our life. Sharing is caring, right?