Awakening is such an easy, peaceful journey. WRONG!

Spiritual awakenings are definitely tough. If you think about it, most people go through these transformations due to negative experiences.

We usually develop heightened senses due to past traumas – we feel, think and usually see a lot more than most. This makes us question a lot of things and make us eager to seek answers. WE WANT WISDOM! WE WANT KNOWLEDGE!


The only way we can do this? Create space for it.

At the beginning of our journey, we acknowledge that we have put ourself in constraints. We start to research more ‘spiritual concepts / theories’. Topics such as chakras, enlightenment, higher self, higher consciousness, etc. This is just the first stage to many stages of spiritual awakening.

(Scroll down if you just want to see the 11 signs!)

We start to feel an overwhelming urge for change. For me, I felt such powerful intuition to quit my job. I thought I enjoyed it but once I realised it absolutely did not serve me in any way (I was a Lettings Negotiator in Property), I started to feel a dread when I woke up every day. I hated that I was spending 6 out of 7 days a week on something so pointless.

This is where it starts to get hard.

I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do, how I would do it or the real reason why I didn’t want to continue on the path I was – I just had a gut instinct that it was time for a change. This transition was not easy whatsoever but once I handed in my notice and SHOWED the universe I was COMMITTED, I started to come up with creative ideas for a business. I started to figure out what I enjoyed doing and what I would be happy to do for the rest of my life.

I decided I wanted to live to work, not work to live.

So once I started to ease into this transition, guess what? THE UNIVERSE WASN’T FINISHED CREATING SPACE FOR NEW AND EXCITING THINGS!

My boyfriend and I decided to split after 4 and a half years, from seemingly out of nowhere.

Now this was one of the most difficult periods of my life. I was very codependent and it was extremely difficult to start to love myself again and enjoy being alone.

Obviously, this had to happen for me to learn how to accept myself and be independent again as it was a toxic environment on both parts. We relied on each other for happiness way too much. We lost ourselves in our relationship. It was time to find ourselves again, on our own.

Throughout all of this confusion, heartbreak, grief and uncertainty, I knew in my heart that these decisions needed to be made. In the meantime, I was practicing anything spiritual / holistic that would help me through it.

I began searching and searching for answers about the universe and life itself. Whether this be via online searches, meditation, songs or even connecting with other people in similar positions on Facebook groups!

Oracle Cards providing me with so much reassurance and guidance, I would pull at least 1 card a day to receive a warm message from my angels and spirit guides. This is how I mastered Oracle Card readings. If you are ever interested, you can book in a session here.

They knew this was all part of the plan for me. Binaural beats, meditation and Abraham Hicks rampages also helped me through it.


If you’re interested in finding out how spirituality helped to ‘cure’ my anxiety and depression, you can check my article out here.

It’s still an ongoing process, awakenings don’t only happen once and they are a long process which is so insightful and amazing for the most part.

Anyway, many people find it confusing whether they are going through a spiritual awakening as it can be really overwhelming for your senses and can cause commotion in your daily life (work, relationships, self).

Here are 11 signs you are experiencing a spiritual awakening:


1. You start to understand that everything has a reason behind it. You start to acknowledge life lessons.

2. You have an urge to heal the past and personal / spiritually develop.

3. You have an immense desire for ‘truth’ and you start to have epiphanies about life.

4. There is a big shift in your perspective and consciousness.

5. If you are asking the question and you are part of this group, you are more than likely going through an awakening.

6. You begin to react differently to situations – you are more neutral and less rash.

7. You are no longer interested in most mainstream TV / films – generally only watch shows that resonate with you. Same with music.

8. You begin to realise we are all connected. Energy is always connected and recycled. We are connected to each other, to nature, to food, etc.

9. You’ll begin to notice synchronicites such as reoccurring times like 11:11, 22:22, you’ll be thinking about something and your friend will say it, or you will see it. This is a sign that you are on the right path.

10. You no longer enjoy activities / hobbies you may have previously ‘loved’. You start to find them boring and tedious and find other, more purposeful and fulfilling hobbies.

11. You start to attract people who have the same values as you. You meet your ‘tribe’. This could be friends that you reconnect with and realise you are on the same frequency or may be a complete stranger who you somehow came into communication with and can’t believe how alike you are!

Don’t try to control everything or expect anything. Just trust that the universe is helping you to increase your vibrational frequency and you’ll will become aligned to your mission and purpose.

You should also look in to Kundalini awakening to see if you are experiencing this too!

Awareness is key throughout this whole process. There will feel like times of turmoil but just remember, this is all has reason. Try to look past surface value and try to interpret if there are any lessons you can learn, because there definitely will be!

Much Love X

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