Raising your vibration will help you to mould your own reality. Being on a higher vibrational frequency attracts your desires and manifests your intentions.

I dare you to try out these easy (and free!) practices and see for yourself the dramatic effects it will have on your life.

Vibration Frequency Explained:

Law of Attraction

Most of you have heard of Law of Attraction, right?  Let’s start there. Law of Attraction is a universal law which states that whatever energy you emit, you manifest a similar experience to your focus. The energy you emit is made up of your habitual thoughts, emotions and beliefs (consciously and subconsciously) so you will attract circumstances and conditions that correspond with this.

Vibrational Frequency

The accumulated energy that is mentioned above is known as your vibrational frequency. This universal law is known as the Law of Vibration. As everything is made from energy, everything has its own vibrational field; your dog, the chair you are sitting in, the tree in your back garden, the device you are using to read this on, YOU.

Everything has its own speed at which it is vibrating at, this is known as the vibrational frequency.

Even though we seem separate with our own individual vibrational frequency, we are all connected in a grid of ever flowing energy. This is called The Unified Field (by John Hagelin, Ph.D., world-renowned quantum physicist), which is fundamentally a field of consciousness.

Why should I raise my vibration?

The higher the vibration, the more unconditional love, forgiveness and joy you will feel. This healing will help you to attract the desires as you are more attuned to being open to those opportunities due to the aligned frequencies. As we know in law of attraction, our thoughts create our experiences, so if you are vibrating at a low frequency of around

30 for example and feel a lot of guilt, the experiences you attract in your life will, majority of the time, not be particularly

pleasurable. Because that’s what you are focusing on thus magnetising!

Increasing your vibrational frequency aids you in experiencing more states of appreciation and gratitude which will open more opportunities of your desired abundance. You feel more satisfied and fulfilled with life as you raise, and your emotional reactions will be at a much more neutral level.

Also, you can do it for free – so why wouldn’t you?!



Abraham Hicks Rampage (or any spiritual teachers who clicks with you)

As your frequency changes, you will resonate with some experiences and more, and some experiences will be less effective. This practice is more of a resource which I personally find incredibly easy to shift into a higher vibration.

Abraham Hicks is a source energy who is channelled through Esther Hicks. Esther hicks relaxing her body and mind to allow Abraham Hicks to use her physical body as a means of communication for teaching of Law of Attraction and other conscious teachings.

They create energetic rampages which are the most effective for me as it quickly puts you in the vortex of pure appreciation and love. It’s like a burst of source energy throughout your whole body.

I would recommend listening to a few and seeing which ones you resonate which (you can find them on YouTube) and listen to one as soon as you wake up in the morning and if you have time, listen to it later in the day too.


Visualisation meditation

Meditations are an amazing method to help balance your energies to help to heal any over/underactive chakras, improve mindfulness and visualise your desires. You will have certain passions and desires that would be your ‘dream’ to come true. They do exist in a parallel reality (I’ll save that for a YouTube video), but you need to put your focus on that life track!

Now, there are a few tricks to this one.

Trick 1: Use ALL your sense (smell, feel, touch, see from your own eyes)

Trick 2: Don’t be attached to the outcome of your vision – think of it more as a fun thing to do

Trick 3: Don’t worry about how it will happen, concentrate on the ‘final product’ and how it feels to finally have it


Spend time with nature

It’s so important to spend as much time as possible in a natural environment. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Research from all over the world is showing that people who live closer to green space have fewer health complaints and live longer and that the green space itself is a stress reliever, helping people cope better with life’s low points.


Inner emotional work

This one is probably the most challenging practices however the most effective in the long-term expansion of your vibration.

If we want to change our outer circumstances, we must change our inner circumstances.

As you discussed earlier, our vibration is established by factors such as beliefs and thoughts.

Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts are one of the major ways our frequency is on the lower end of the spectrum. The way for us to identify and change these conditions is to work on the root source of the belief. All our beliefs and most of our thoughts stem from a past experience which is ingrained in our subconscious.

We must become aware of our thoughts initially and then spend time to really question why you have those thoughts and emotion reactions.

You can do this by:

  • Emotional journaling
  • Emotional freedom techniques
  • Meditation / hypnosis
  • Therapy

These practices require dedication and consistency. You may not feel a huge shift straight away, but faith is the core theme here. Have the mindset of abundance already and abundance will naturally come to you. Don’t just try to raise your vibration so you can get what you want, you must desire to become a better person and to want to live in harmony.

Most importantly, enjoy the whole transformational process, it’s so much fun and you’ll never forget how much easier your life became!

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