6 Signs That You Are An Empath

Do you absorb the energy of everyone around you? Do you feel intimidated and drained by crowds of people? Do you experience emotions such as sadness without knowing why? You may be an empath!

Check out the 6 signs below that you are empathic and how to manage your abilities effectively for your own energy and emotions.

Sign #1: You can intensely feel the emotions of others

You may be around someone who is going through a rough time and is experiencing depression and other negative emotions. You were happy before you met them but now, you feel extremely sad, right to your core, and you can’t shake off these feelings even after no longer being in the same environment of this person.

You struggle to understand where these emotions are coming from and they feel as if they have manifested inside you.

The good news is, you’re not actually sad, you’re just absorbing the energy of other people which is messing with your own energy field.

All of our energy fields can be intertwined hence why we are able to feel compassion and empathy for others however with an empath, there is no barrier as to how much energy you allow in to your field. We just receive it all!

Sign #2: You are highly sensitive

Has anyone ever said to you that you’re too sensitive? Well, there’s no such thing as ‘too sensitive’. Sensitivity is actually a positive attribute as you are able to review energies that others may not be able to translate.

You are usually able to foresee certain situation with friends and family and be the peacemaker within your group as you don’t want conflict and disruption.

You may have been told that you wear your heart on your sleeve and are able to pick up on emotions that others don’t even notice.

Sign #3: You are intuative

That gut feeling you get when you are unsure about a certain situation is your intuition. It is important to take note of your intuitive abilities and understand that this wasn’t just a ‘hump’ – you do have the ability to scan a situation and receive an intuitive response.

You may predict that certain (however small) things will happen that you always knew would deep down.

This could be that one of your friends has a new partner. Somewhere inside you, you are receiving a message that this partner is not going to be good for your friend – though you have no reasons or evidence to suggest this. Say this partner then treats your friend badly after your ‘gut feeling’. That was your intuition. This will become more powerful the more you are aware of it.

Sign #4: You find it difficult to watch emotional media

You know those videos of dogs being abused then adopted on Facebook? Yeah, i definitely can’t watch those. If you avoid these types of videos that stimulate an intense emotional response, this is a sign that you are empathic.

Most people get a little sad from these depressive stories that are splashed all over the media but do you feel that your response is way more extreme than just an ‘aw’. Can you feel the sadness deep inside you? That’s empathy for you.

Sign #5: You are able to easily identify a liar

Do you find yourself just KNOWING when someone is lying to you? They may not have given you any reason to doubt their words but you can just feel that they are being dishonest. You are usually correct in your belief that they are lying – so how did you know?

All you need to do is look at their face, observe their tone of voice and body language and you will receive an answer whether they are being honest.

This can be a very helpful trait throughout our lives!

Sign #6: You seek truth and knowledge

We, as empaths, feel a strong desire for truth and knowledge. This is why we have such an ability to read liars – we don’t understand their intention!

We get easily irritated by anything / anyone that is inauthentic, false and untruthful. It can really get to us.

Even half-truths and white lies that are innocent seem wrong to you.

You are always looking for truth and believe knowledge is key so are constantly looking for answers. We research lots and lots to learn as much as we can and find proof to confirm or dispel our beliefs.

Think of the subconscious mind as a WiFi router. It requires a signal and certain waves to start transferring information. Our energy is like the radio waves that are submitted. Sometimes, the waves can cross and you may be able to connect to someone else’s WiFi router thus connecting with someone else’s energy via your own field.

Check out grounding stones and grounding meditation to control the energy which connects to your field. Being empathic can be extremely draining and overwhelming.

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