Am I Having A Spiritual Awakening?

During a spiritual awakening, there are many mental and physical signs & symptoms. Here are my 6 signs of spiritual awakening.

But firstly, what does ‘spiritual awakening’ even mean? Well, this means that you are opening up to a higher dimension. You will no longer see duality – right and wrong, black and white – but you are enlightened to this new world, filled with endless opportunities. Awakening is such a beautiful thing.

We, as humans, have a human ego which tends to steer us more in a dual direction as it is a sense of self, for example, ‘I have a…’, ‘I think…’. We are constantly thinking about our image and how we compare to others but this ‘ego’ confines our beliefs. It only allows us to think of ourselves and prohibits us from reaching a higher state of consciousness. Letting go of our ego and accessing this higher self enables us to be calm, neutral, compassionate, understanding, and intuitive.


Noticing Previous Bad Habits

You may start to become aware of all the negative habits that you carried out in you old self. You realise that these habits were not helping you to progress to where you want to be, and you don’t want to continue down that route.

You become aware of your old thinking patterns and how detrimental they are to your belief system.

You are reading for a big change in your life and never want to return to your old self – you’re evolving.

You are so happy with these acknowledgments and begin to feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness from within – getting closer to the truth and really enjoying the present moment with your new self and your new outlook.


Quieter Mind

You usually have a million and one thoughts and worries running around your mind throughout the day.

Did I leave the iron on? Does this make me look frumpy? Am I annoying this person? I have so many bills. And so on.

Once you start to awaken, you’ll find that your inner voice starts to quiet down. You feel more relaxed inside your own mind as you are focusing on the present and not all of these scenarios. You start to observe your thoughts from a distance and learn to understand the messages that come behind thoughts as a way of communication, rather than just jumbled up thoughts.

Change In Behaviour

You may notice that your behavior changes quite drastically. This was a massive one for me.

I became calmer and less angry. I began to accept that things happen and it’s just another stepping stone in my journey of this lifetime.

You become to more kind to people, even those that you aren’t fond of – you develop an ‘okayness’ about everything that happens, especially those situations that aren’t ideal.

You may start to cut off addictive behaviours as you realise they aren’t necessary for you to live your life to it’s full potential. You start to rely on yourself and your inner wisdom rather than the events in the outside world.

Accepting the Past

Although we should focus on the present, not the past or future, accepting the past is vital in living in the present.

We must understand our emotions and our thoughts to fully immerse ourselves in to this new spiritual space. To understand these thoughts, we must go back to our memories which are shaping our beliefs which determines our actions.

Once you go back to those memories and look at them from a different perspective, you are able to see why you have a certain belief system so you can than begin to re-wire a new belief system which will benefit you and help you achieve abundance.

A Shift in Values

You will start to see the bigger picture of life. You realise what your passions are, what you love and who you are!

This is my favorite sign of spiritual awakening as I believe it is the most empowering.

You will realise that there is so much meaning to the world than you previously thought. We are all passionate and loving individuals.

Once you accept this, you will become so motivated to making sure you prioritize what you want to do with this lifetime. You may quit your 9-5 job to pursue your dream job without much hesitation.

You may start to focus on positive, uplifting people in your life and no longer associate with toxic individuals who cause you more harm than good.

The mindset of being uniform, being in line with everyone else and going through this expected motion of life will be eradicated, which in turn will attract more great things.


In addition to your five physical senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell) that will become more and more developed, your spiritual senses increase too (intuition, emotions, imagination, conscience and inspiration), to a high speed.

Your intuitions guide you a lot and you learn to pay attention to them.

You begin to understand that your emotions are the “compass” your soul uses to guide

you and direct you to the path required (negative emotion: wrong direction / wrong means of thinking; positive emotion: sensible direction / great way of thinking).


Throughout this whole process, there will be times of elation and immense joy but you may also experience times of depression and anxiety. Know that these are also common traits of spiritual awakening – you must try to look at the bigger picture and observe and accept these emotions so you can proceed on to the next step.

Love & Light,


4 Comments on “Am I Having A Spiritual Awakening?”

  1. I really liked how you spoke about the quieter mind, our inner voices do get the best of us, but you are correct when you mentioned our inner voices calm down when we become more spiritual as I have experienced this my self, you tend to feel more accepting and more appreciate of everything around you. This is a great article. Could you talk about self esteem and spirituality in your next article because that would be great to read and reflect upon!

  2. Thanks for writing this article on having spiritual awakening.i really find every message of it helpful in my life. 

    I know there is more to it before things is always certain in my mind which is spiritual awakening transform you into been a better person and see things more in a spiritual way than physical. There is need to have spiritual awakening as a Christian and I always pray God should help me regarding that. 

  3. Hello, I agree with your post. The World would be a better place if everyone realizes their needs for spiritual awakening. The world at the moment is suffering because of ego. No one really cares about another. In addition, with spiritual awakening, people would make better decisions with their lives, and life expectancy would increase. Yes, you are right, we need to accept the past, we can’t do anything about it, but to learn and move on. I have noticed many people suffer regrets and depression by their failure to accept the past and move on.  

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. I agree completely with all the points you mentioned about having a spiritual awakening, this was exactly how I felt few years ago. Having a change of mind and heart, getting along with people that naturally they don’t belong to my class, seeing the world from another meaningful  perspective, having a spiritual sensitivity. Your article really explained it all. It’s truly an awesome experience. 

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