In this section, we will have a look at the meanings behind each individual oracel card within the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


What is an Archangel?

An archangel is sent from God, to help someone in need. This could be during a time they are in danger or need emotional comfort and healing. God knows the future of each person and even see’s the events that are about to unfold. He will send out an archangel to help that person. Now, if you are someone who meditates on a weekly or daily basis, you may be closer to the archangels. Detecting them becomes easier as you rely on your inner meditation.

With most archangels, they send strong signs that most people can’t ignore. They hold a powerful presence and at the same time, they can be anywhere around you.


How can I receive guidance from Archangels?

You can call upon Archangels by seeking them through your inner voice.

Archangel Oracle Cards are used as a tool in seeking guidance. Using the cards is a great way to receive divine guidance and messages from the Archangels.


What do the different cards mean?

Click here to find out all of the meanings of the cards.

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