Clear Your Space: Archangel Jophiel

Clear Your Space

Archangel Jophiel’s Message:

“Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you and use feng shui.”


“Your home and work environments affect you on many levels. Clutter can erode your energy, creativity, and prosperity. I’ll help you find the time and motivation to clear interference from your physical environment. Together, we’ll release anything that’s not serving you. We’ll donate, recycle, or discard unused items. We’ll open the windows to circulate fresh air in the rooms. And I’ll escort lower energies away. You’ll notice huge improvements in all areas of your life as a result of this endeavor.”

Working with Archangel Jophiel:

Jophiel’s aura is deep rose pink, signifying her beautiful, loving, and caring nature. Dark pink crystals, such as pink rubelite, are associated with Jophiel’s energy. Anytime you’re involved with redecorating or spring cleaning, call upon Jophiel to help you. It’s like having your own spiritual interior decorator and feng shui consultant!

Here’s a simple invocation to invite Archangel Jophiel to connect:

Dearest Archangel Jophiel, please bless my creative endeavors. Open my eyes that I notice the beautiful in everyone and everything around me, including myself. Please empower me to maintain a clear mind, even during chaotic situation and my mind orderly. Inspire me to trust in the greater purpose for me and lend me patience to recognize beauty in every situation. Thank you. And so it is.”

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