Product: Gateway Oracle Cards By Denise Lynn

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Card Size: 9.9 x 3.7 x 13.8 cm

Card quantity: 44

Key Features:

  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Detailed Guide
  • Good Size

Price: £10.90

My rating: 5 / 5*


An Oracle Deck consists of divination cards – the artwork is beautiful and reassuring. In my opinion, some tarot cards can seem slightly daunting. You may receive ‘The Devil’ and get a little flustered. With Oracle Cards, I find that they always provide you with gentle, positive guidance and can say I have no ‘disliked’ cards in this deck.

They can have any number of cards, from as low as 20 to as many as 144 — though 44, being a Master n

umber, is most common. The artwork can be symbolic or reality-based; while many decks are illustrated with angels; there are also decks with plants, crystals, kitchen utensils, mythical creatures, planets and stars, various gods and goddesses.


The great thing with this deck is it includes a detailed guidebook on how to use the cards and interpretations for each card.

The guidebook provides questions you can ask and really inspires you to ask what is really meaningful.

The interpretations are quite detailed and always uplifting. But interpreting the colours and the symbols alone will provide you with a lot of insight!

The imagery is quite simple however it is definitely filled with meaning. The different colours and symbols are easy to interpret and provide a specific and accurate reading.

The beauty with Oracle cards is that you can pull as many cards as you like.

  • You can pull 1 single card and ask ‘what do you want me to know today’
  • You can pull 3 cards and for a past, present and future reading
  • You can ask your intuition how many cards you should pull today


If you’re looking for easy, uplifting messages then these cards are perfect. They are great for beginners and experienced readers.

They help to develop your inner wisdom and allow you to be creative with your readings.

As the imagery is quite simple and easy to read, it is suitable for all ages!

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