Close your eyes and think for a second – what do you truly want to create and / or change in your life?

Are you looking for guidance? Do you want clarity on a situaion?

Using clairaudience and clairsentience, I like to work as a team during my readings.

Together, we will identify the guidance channelled though Oracle cards, whether this be general guidance or really specific about a certain situation in your life. For example:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth

We have a choice in this life to go for exactly what we want. It’s called freewill. Sometimes, we forget that we are in control and have the ability to manifest what we desire due to self-limiting belief systems.

My specialty is using cards to channel divine guidance on how to overcome these self-limiting beliefs and fears to escape indoctrination. A lot of the time we don’t actually realise that resistance is being created because of a deeply rooted belief.

Once we are able to identify and untangle these beliefs, the resistance lifts and it’s completely possible to shift your mindset to abundance with a few inspired actions.

After all, this is what holds you back from achieving everything you are capable of, so I think it requires particular attention!

If you’re still unsure on what Oracle cards are, check out my video here:

Have you ever received advice, taken it on board in the present moment, then never thought about it again?

Thats why I like to integrate metaphysical practices in to my readings.

When you receive advice, it can stay in your short term memory but then fade away which ultimately leads to no change. For me, it’s really important that this reading has more of a longer term effect on your situation, change is what we want, right?!

At the end of our session, we will create a plan for inspired action for you.

This could be as simple as distancing yourself from a toxic persons and ways you could do this, to committing to make a conscious effort to balance your chakras via meditation. Again, this will be a team effort so we can make it personal to YOU and what you are comfortable with!

Inspired action speeds up the manifestation process whilst also creating confidence. It plants seeds in your mind and helps to accelerate bringing your desires to fruition.

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Basic Spread:                                                 £10

1 card (15 minutes) – click here for more info

Blockage, Heal, Outcome Spread:            £30

3 cards (30 minutes) – click here for more info


6 Month Spread:                                            £45

12 cards (1 hour) – click here for more info


P.S. All of my readings are available via Skype or Facebook video!